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Three initial Interest Deeds (ID’s) to begin—may change when everyone submits their ideas:

  1. Quintessentials—The seekers, investigators, observers and vision collectors
  2. Truth Givers—The writers, communicators, speakers and articulators
  3. Guardian Angels—The preservists, protectors, peacemakers and lovers

I’m not here for me. I’m not rich with money or power. I’m rich with blessings. Those blessings afford me time to search for truth and light. In the end, I’m here to try and build a future for my children and their children. America is a blessed nation and we want to keep it that way.

I sincerely hope we can continue to gift the American dream to people from other nations who legally pursue citizenship. May God bless you in your journey to experience the freedom and favor He granted us here in the USA.

There are only two plans right now. There is a benevolent plan and a malevolent plan. One plan seeks to DIVIDE us and position us for takeover. The good plan seeks to UNITE us and bolster our freedom, our voices and our strength.

We can only unite if we focus on what we have in common.

The malevolent plan’s origination is not the United States. Division is the antithesis of our genesis. We are powerful because we are together. No, that plan could only originate in a place that doesn’t understand America.

If your community, town, city, or state doesn’t want a rule, then unite. Civil disobedience is the key to your freedom. Gather the like-minded. The like-hearted. Gather and group around what Americans have in common.

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Dishonesty is an Enemy to Virtue


Envy is an Enemy to Virtue

Lust & Greed

Lust is an Enemy to Virtue


Pride is an Enemy to Virtue

I recently announced my passion for running a media outlet like this. I really want to build this into a site that offers original content from future generations. For that reason alone, I'm going to keep this donate link here. We will NEVER put up a pay wall for people to access the truth though. I do currently have Google Analytics running on the site just to track what kind of content people veer towards and how many people are finding my site useful. #WWG1WGA