Elusive History

JFK to 911 - Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick (Full Documentary)

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What On Earth Happened?

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Think. I dare you.

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EUROPA: All 10 Parts

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The United States Corporation

There is no US Citizen in the Constitution of the United States

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Friends of the Original Constitution

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Conspiracy Theory of Everything

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Essential References

The Original Crime

The Underhanded Skullduggery To Pass The 14th Amendment


All Around Great Site for Researching Many Topics

The Antarctic Treaty
The End of the Industrial Revolution

English Genesis

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Red Pills

Leave the Matrix

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There are two great reset plans. There is a benevolent plan and a malevolent plan. One plan seeks to DIVIDE us and position us for Communist takeover. The other plan seeks to UNITE us and bolster our freedom, our voices and our strength.