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31 JUL 2022
US Soldiers Encountered Red Yeti-Like Creatures In Vietnam War
31 JUL 2022
Death toll rises in flood-stricken areas of Kentucky as search and rescue teams look for missing
29 JUL 2022
Portland Kindergartners Taught to Reject Genders of “White Colonizers”
29 JUL 2022
Who Are The Gray Aliens? Different Theories By Experts
28 JUL 2022
Way up in the air: World View looks to expand customer base for its ‘Stratollite’ balloon
26 JUL 2022
Residents Rejoice as Company Abandons Plan to Add Wind Turbines to Controversial Wind Project
21 JUL 2022
“US Not Prepared” — Extreme Heat Event Risks Damaging US Rail Network With Buckling Tracks
17 JUL 2022
Aliens Are Advanced Form Of Humans Living Underwater Long Before Humans Existed, Suggests Ufologist
13 JUL 2022
Bill Gates-Funded Lab, Less Than 2 Miles From Wuhan Institute
7 JUL 2022
Strange Storm Caused Creepy Green Sky In Sioux Falls, South Dakota
5 JUL 2022
Magnetic spins that ‘freeze’ when heated
5 JUL 2022
NASA loses touch with Moon probe
4 JUL 2022
Russia Declares Donbass Republic ‘Fully Liberated’; U.S. Media Begins Walking Back ‘Rosy’ Coverage of Ukraine
28 JUN 2022

Rare tornado hits the Netherlands, killing one person and injuring 10 others

23 JUN 2022
Lake Mead Water Level Drops to “Inactive Pool Status”
23 JUN 2022
New Wind Energy Study: “40 million tons of blade waste worldwide by 2050” Could End Up in Landfills
23 JUN 2022
“There Is Evidence Of Life On Moon”: USSR Spaceship Returned To Earth In 1970 Possessing Proof Of Alien Life
21 JUN 2022
An isolated black hole is roaming our Milky Way galaxy
21 JUN 2022
CTA Opposed to FCC Establishing Mandates and Standards for 5G Receivers and Transmitters
15 JUN 2022
Skirt Requirement for Schoolgirls Violates Constitution, Appeals Court Rules
13 JUN 2022
Dangerous heat expected to extend from the Midwest to the Southeast, U.S.
13 JUN 2022
Get Rid of Public Schools Now
04 JUN 2022
Are UFOs Living Creatures? UFOs Could Be Jellyfish Like Creature In The Vastness Of Space
12 JUN 2022

Google engineer warn the firm’s AI is sentient

11 JUN 2022
Men In Black Are Extraterrestrials Who Cover Up The Traces Left Behind By Aliens
11 JUN 2022

Teachers in Conservative States Rush to Carry Guns in Class to Prevent Future Mass Shootings

06 JUN 2022
Moore: 100% Green Energy Could Destroy the Planet
03 JUN 2022
AT&T Launched 5G Drone in Rural Field; “it began transmitting strong 5G coverage to approximately 10 square miles”


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