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Human Trafficking


29 JUL 2022
Las Vegas flooding: Multiple casinos, entire Strip, airport under water
27 JUL 2022
Disney Caves Again to Far Left: Hulu Will Now Run Democrats’ Abortion, Gun Control Ads
26 JUL 2022
Planned Parenthood SCRUBS Website Of Distinction Between Treatment For Ectopic Pregnancies And Abortion
22 JUL 2022

Head of TSA Makes Stunning Admission on Illegal Immigrants Using Arrest Warrants As IDs

20 JUL 2022

Evidence: Biden Administration Used Closed China Lake Military Base to House and Torture Caged Kids

20 JUL 2022
Casket manufacturer says orders for children’s caskets are flooding in
14 JUL 2022

More than 40 people unaccounted for after severe storms and floods hit Virginia, U.S.

12 JUL 2022


12 JUL 2022
More than 1,000 children were sexually exploited in Telford over decades, inquiry finds
15 JUN 2022
Pedophilia a Requirement for UK Ruling Elite
15 JUN 2022
‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Continues to Break Viewership Records
10 JUN 2022
Wickr, Amazon’s encrypted chat app, has a child sex abuse problem — and little is being done to stop it
08 JUN 2022
Top Microsoft exec resigns after being accused of fondling women at work and watching lesbian pillow fight porn on VR goggles in front of stunned colleagues
08 JUN 2022

Adrenochrome Validation: Stanford scientists find infusions of cerebrospinal fluid can regenerate the brain’s memory centre and may help to rejuvenate elderly bodies

07 JUN 2022
TEEN BRIDE’S TORMENT Warren Jeffs’ 65th wife reveals chilling reason why pedo cult leader put ‘HIT out on her’ after grooming her as a child
07 JUN 2022
Satanists & Drag Queens to be Featured at Coeur d’Alene Idaho’s Family-Friendly LGBT “Pride in the Park” Event — Local Citizens Plan to Protest
03 JUN 2022
Nancy Pelosi’s Son Accused Of Physical Assault of A 6-Year Old Before He Used CPS To Get The Girl Taken From Her Mother
03 JUN 2022
Disney Employee Rips Company’s “Grooming” & War on Faith, Family
01 JUN 2022
Bond director Cary Fukunaga filmed making creepy comments about teens before being accused of ‘grooming’ girls on set


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