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VA Resources

World Airspace Tracker

Real-time worldwide flight traffic

Marine Vessel Finder

Real-time military ship tracker

Travel Advisories

Best place to check for the latest international travel advisories.

Notable Human Trafficking Arrests

An active feed of human trafficking articles and records.

Power Outages in the USA

Real-time national power outage monitoring

Latest Earthquake Tracker

Latest worldwide earthquake map

Real Time Problem & Outage Detection

Ping service for American technology companies

Worldwide Resignations

Notable resignations across the world

Storm Watcher / Tracker

Zoom Earth real-time view of planet Earth

US Capitol Live Webcam

Life view of Capitol

X-Ray Solar Flares

Track solar activity and solar flares

Geomagnetic K-Index

Characterize the magnitude of geomagnetic storms

Real-Time Solar Wind

Data from any spacecraft located upwind of Earth

Here is the Evidence

This is for aggregating publicly available items of evidence that would be admissible in court, not general election news stories or updates.

Gold and Precious Metals

US Debt Clock real-time

Fed System Monitoring

Real-time service monitoring for the Fed

U.S. Federal Register

Executive orders registered 3-4 days after signature

Critical Race Theory Tracker

Schools in the U.S. that have adopted Critical Race Theory curriculums

China Virus Vaccine Tracker

Vaccine US distribution tracker

Drug Shortages

Current and resolved drug shortages

Clinical Trials

U.S. National Library of Medicine

Trade in Goods with China

United States Census Bureau

Monotheistic Religions of the World

Religions that believe in a single God


I am missing several military websites. These are the sites I currently frequent. Please feel free to suggest additional military sites using the contact form on our About Us page.


The US media and the international media are not always on the same page. In fact, the closer we get to public disclosure, the more the stories contradict each other. The international media often has a clearer view of reality—you just might need a translator in your browser to read some of the stories.


Not all search engines are equal. Some track and sell as much of your information as they can possibly gather. Here are some of the safer options I use that don’t ask you to create an account to have a look around.

Red Pills

Leave the Matrix

About Us

There are two great reset plans. There is a benevolent plan and a malevolent plan. One plan seeks to DIVIDE us and position us for Communist takeover. The other plan seeks to UNITE us and bolster our freedom, our voices and our strength.

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