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DISTURBING GRAPHIC CONTENT – Pure Evil From The Rothschilds Surrealist Balls

Lin Wood Update
Great Awakening
World events
1. The entire Netherlands government has resigned.
2. Angela Merkel steps down.
3. Estonia Prime Minister missing.
4. Italian government has collapsed.
5. Russia’s government has resigned, Putin plans big constitutional change (declared 1 year ago)
6. Recent blackouts in Pakistan, Vatican etc
7. Q’s Red Stages are now complete
8. Major Rotschild heartattack

US events
9. Declas on Obama gate initiated (Fisa abuse)
10. DC lockdown. 30k soldiers and counting. (Sean Spicer tweet)
11. POTUS is now at Castle Rock
12. Read Mike Lindell’s ‘notes’
13. Weird ‘building’ close to Whitehouse
14. Space Commander tweets ‘BOOM’
15. FBI HQ blocking anyone outside listening in


Chinese Invasion Rumor

Update from Charlie Wood

If it weren't valid, this narrative would have been completely quashed by now. We need to ask ourselves, whose voices are these? Who is trying to silence these voices?

It's happening the way they said it would: Gemma O'Doherty has done a first class job in getting the Irish government to admit there is no evidence that Sars-Cov2 Covid-19 even exists.

Sean Spider - They are stopping EVERY CAR TRYING TO "LEAVE" THE CITY - ASKING FOR I.D.

Simon Parkes Update 01-16

I know he looks goofy - but if he's right...?

This just dropped (again?!) on YouTube - the press who witnessed it hid it from America...


  1. conformity to a standard of right
  2. virtues plural: an order of angels


  1. to move upward
  2. to rise from a lower level or degree