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Jan 17 2021 – Archive

Obama: Guilty

NAZI Media Censorship

Why Was Parler Censored by Its Competitors?

I’ve been a big fan of Medium, although I’ve learned quickly there are certain “publications” — essentially sub-blogs — that it’s best to avoid. Today I saw a piece published two days ago…

POTUS Crossroad

America and the World at a Crossroad

…The Insurrection Act would mean the activation of the military courts to judge those who orchestrated riots or other subversive acts that can compromise the integrity and the stability of the Republic.

Meanwhile, at 03:45 UTC, More Troops Arrive in MD from IL, TN and NC - How many is enough for an event with zero invitations from POTUS or Biden?

Hey guys, Mike Adams made some bold allegations on his video yesterday (below). He does seem to be just a conspiracy theorist with zero experience in either government intelligence and/or military. I’m deciding to believe Simon and Charlie more than Mike at this point.

Simon Parkes
Simon Parkes that we see in videos today may in fact be the same Simon who disappeared from the Royal Navy in 1986. The video personality we know is an extremely intelligent and well-articulated man who could very well have significant ties to both British and American intelligence agencies.

Charlie Ward
Charlie Ward is a big proponent of Gold and Silver. This has a lot to do with his experience in moving large amounts of money for very powerful people throughout his life. From what I can tell, Charlie is the real thing and he is a good guy.

1/16 - The Deep State is Still Running a False Narrative


  1. conformity to a standard of right
  2. virtues plural: an order of angels


  1. to move upward
  2. to rise from a lower level or degree