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War Room Time!

It's not too late. Nor was the 3rd. Nor was the 6th

Our Favorite Vloggers Chiming In!

Trump's Final Move | Scotus Knew | Quo Warranto With Jury | Biden Potus legitimacy

Ask yourself, “Self, what is the highest crime in the following list?”

1. Attempt to cheat in an election
2. Cheat in an election
3. Steal an election
4. Certify a stolen election
5. Take office after stealing an election falsely certified

Prison Bus

Soldiers March

Military Turned Backs to Motorcade

Trump's Letter to Biden

The Real Send Off

Latter Day Saint Prophet Warns About the Loss of Freedom

Sniper Team Just Arrived!

Sniper Team Arrives in DC

This can't be very good luck!


  1. conformity to a standard of right
  2. virtues plural: an order of angels


  1. to move upward
  2. to rise from a lower level or degree