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Military & Intel – May 2022


23 MAY 2022
NSBA letter drafts called for National Guard and military to be deployed
23 MAY 2022
US ready to use force to defend Taiwan
22 MAY 2022
Military Hangs Tom Vilsack
17 MAY 2022

JAG Convicts Bill Ayers on Charges of Seditious Conspiracy

13 MAY 2022
US Military Pushing for Full Disclosure!
7 MAY 2022
CIA director weighs possibility of Russian nuke in Ukraine
7 MAY 2022
Latest intel: Biden using Ukraine theater of war to DISPOSE of America’s munitions arsenal … FEAR the “thermobaric” bomb
4 MAY 2022

Upcoming Military Tribunals


Sitrep 05.27

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US Military Wants Full Disclosure

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Beginning of the End?

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Ghosts in the Machine

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For the Record, I Think Clif High is Controlled Opposition

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Unrestricted Truths

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Red Pills

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