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Technology & Science January 2022

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Heracleion: The Hidden Ancient Underwater City of Egypt
NY Can’t Teach Kids To Read on $30,000 a Year
Tonga volcano eruption creates mysterious and puzzling concentric ripples in Earth’s atmosphere

Tsunami hits Tonga after giant volcano eruption

The Search For Quantum Gravity: Space Could Be Pixelated Says Scientists
Snowmageddon buries Leavenworth in Washington in more than 3 feet of snow in 24h while at least 22 freeze to death after THOUSANDS of cars are trapped in 4 feet of snow in Pakistan overnight

441,449 Low Earth Orbit Satellites, operating, approved, and proposed


Paul Hellyer's UFO Testimony

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They Want to Be God

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Tonga - Tsunami for West/Best Coast?

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Navajo Nation Arizona

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About Non-Terrestrials & Tech

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