The Day America Started Caring Again

Do you care? Seems like a shallow yet loaded question. So why ask?

Simple. I care if you care.

We all care about something. It is the “about what” that makes all the difference. Kind of challenging to ask someone you love about their values without putting them on the defensive, at least for me.

The question brings back memories of growing up. I learned a long time ago the question “Do I care?”, never really has to be answered (verbally). This basic Sunday School lesson contested that we could know what someone cares about just by observing their actions—which ultimately translates to: where they spend their “time”.

Actions are louder than words. Actions cost more than words. Action is the manifestation of concern.

On almost a daily basis now, I’m hearing something that troubles me. It’s gross. Sticky. Believable. And… contagious. In fact, it can crush morale if the right person says it the right way. The words? “Nobody cares.”

They are fighting words. We hear them from colleagues, coworkers, celebrities, influencers… even our own children.

The day nobody cares, will only come to pass if God abandons us. And He will not forsake us!

Part 1—Let’s try a short exercise. See how many of the following statements you can make without lying to yourself:

  1. I care about life.
  2. I care about beauty.
  3. I care about the future.
  4. I care about money.
  5. I care about integrity.
  6. I care about music.
  7. I care about others.
  8. I care about freedom.
  9. I care about me.
  10. I care about God.

I cheated. I only listed things I care about. Most of them are selfish. But not all. Make your own list – BEFORE you move to part 2.

Part 2.—(No cheating this time!) Now, see how the following statements sit with you:

  1. I enrich and preserve and sustain life.
  2. I add beauty to the world.
  3. I plan and visualize my future.
  4. I save money.
  5. I am honest.
  6. I make music.
  7. I serve others.
  8. I push and exercise freedom.
  9. I exercise and keep my mind sharp.
  10. I worship God.

Yikes! I am 3 for 10. In this completely subjective example, only 30% of my time is given to the things “I think” I care about. I just failed my own test—but for some reason, I’m not that surprised. I actually “had a feeling” my time and my priorities were a little messed up.

I think that’s what they call, “keeping yourself honest.

No biggie, my journey is far from over.

Find what matters. fight for it. Be heard. Be bold. Be passionate. But most of all, CARE. And don’t stop.

The reason I felt like I had to write these thoughts down is related to where our country finds itself in 2021. Whether we’re involved or not, whether we see it or not, whether we “care” or not, epoch national (and likely world) history is being made. There are things happening that have not happened in 100 years and as we all know, history repeats itself.

So when is a world war going to repeat itself? When are Americans going to battle the government again? When is the Nazi movement going to be revisited? When will the next critical advancement in technology take place? When will a plague wipe out a significant portion of the population? When will an atomic bomb or worse, a nuclear bomb kill hundreds… thousands? Most of these answers, I don’t want to know.

Be patient with those who try to follow you on your journey. They want to get to where you are… likely for a good reason.

I would like to know who cares about these things happening or not happening. I would like to know there are other people out there who don’t want to know the answers to the questions. Seriously.

We all care. It is the “about what” that steers our lives.

Remember. The best things in life are not things.

Some of the movements I’m a huge fan of and hope you will learn more about…

Operation Underground Railroad

Care About People

And to those captors and perpetrators, even you monsters who dare offend God’s precious children, we declare to you: Be afraid. We are coming for you.

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